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Why we need website either shows our product and services to our end user. For this we need domain name and web hosting to create website using HTML or any other language.  In short we have objective for any website.  But lots of website you can find online which have no use or completely useless website. That why I create best 40 useless website list for you.  

The Most Useless Websites List

Can’t not Tweet this – Taking annoying social media spamming to the next level

When you visit this website you can find only can’t not Tweet this text change using java script one by one on white background. No contact information and social icon you can find on this website.

Can't not Tweet This - Useless Website Number 11. Can’t not Tweet This – Useless Website


Bury Me With My Money – When you open this website then you hear this sound Bury Me with My Money with small men animation. For men animation they use java script and css style for page format setting.  Wow what an idea for creates another useless website with no use at all.

Bury Me With My Money - Useless Websites 02
2. Bury Me With My Money Useless Website


Eel Slap –   Ever wanted to slap someone in the face with an eel? Well, today is your lucky day. This website code design with mouse over effect using Java script.

Eel Slap-Useless Websites 03
3. Eel Slap Useless Website


Thats The Finger – Just one hand finger clip art image in grey background and design concept is  Yep, that’s the finger…. Deal with it.

Thats The Finger-Useless Websites 04
4. That’s The Finger another Useless Website



Ducks Are The Best – On this website only background color automatically change with the music. Simple useless website with yellow duck mouser over and drag animation effect using css and java script. 

Ducks Are The Best - Useless Websites 05
5. Ducks Are The Best  Useless Website



Endless.Horse – Very simple design on white background and perfect example of Java scroll script. When you scroll this website then you can find an endless Horse leg. Horse design is also good with the help of special character.

Endless.Horse-Useless Websites 06

6. Another Useless Endless Horse Website


Staggering Beauty –  Warning this website contains flashing images. When you shake your mouse, then flashing images showing with music. You can embed website code in your website using an iframe.


Staggering Beauty-Useless Websites 07
7. Staggering Beauty Useless Website




Heeeeeeeey – This website redirects to hooooooooo.com and redirect back to main domain heeeeeeeey.com with music. Owner use a black and white background for simple useless layout.

Heeeeeeeey-Useless Websites 08
8. Heeeeeeeey- Hoooooo useless type website




Rrr Ggg Bbb –  When you open this website you can find only RGB text with black background. R text with red color, G text with green color and B text with blue color. When you click on R text, then Rrr voice in the background. If you click on G character, then Ggg voice in the background and If you click on the B text then Bbb voice in the background. What is use of this website, I have no idea.

Rrr Ggg Bbb-Useless Websites 09
9. Useless  Rrr Ggg Bbb Website




Move Now Think Later – Chess board base website background with white and black Color.  This website code running using css and Java script and background music like tak tak tak. 

Move Now Think Later-Useless Websites 10
10. Useless  Move Now Think Later Website




Republique des Mangues – Republic of Mangoes simple and easy design with orange background and mango picture in center. Almost 10000 users already like this website in Google plus. Domain registration with.Fr (France) extension

Republique des Mangues-Useless Websites 11
11. Useless Republique des Mangues Website



Le Duchamp – White background with big spin a bike wheel picture called Leduchamp. Except one picture no other information you can find on this website.


Le Duchamp-Useless Websites 12
12. Useless Leduchamp Website



Haneke – It’s the amazing Blue ball machine GIF animation in background without music. No other content you can find on this website.

Haneke-Useless Websites 13
13. Useless Blue Ball Machine Website





Every Day IM – Bold Hustlin text on white background and mouse over color effect using Java script with music.

Every Day IM-Useless Websites 14
14. Useless Every Day IM Website




Sanger – This is Denmark website using flash base animation on white background. Cute pug puppy licking glass wall. No other information for end user. 

Sanger-Useless Websites 15
15. Useless Sanger Website



Cat Bounce – Six cat bounce flash base animation with music. there is hyperlink in this website with anchor text make it rain, when you click on this then cat raining starts for few seconds with music.


Cat Bounce-Useless Websites 16
16. Useless Cat Bounce Website




Taghua – Black background and flash base animation without any music for the love of trees. You can reset animation as per your need.

Taghua-Useless Websites 17
17. Taghua Useless Website





hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com – 45 characters long domain name has the large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet. You can find answers on black background with white text “Nope” 

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet-Useless Websites 18
18. Useless Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet Website




R33b – Flash Base animation with bold text All Glory to the Hypnotoad with Music

R33b-Useless Websites 19
19. Useless R33b Website



Ninja Flex – Two blue image animation using Java script with background voice for Ninja flex.

Ninja Flex-Useless Websites 20
20. Useless Ninja Flex Website



Chris Mckenzie – This is a Chris McKenzie’s website. Where discovery meets fun. Small Animation controls using Java Script.


Chris Mckenzie-Useless Websites 21
21. Useless Chris Mckenzie Website




I Has A Bucket – Very simple HTML website design with one image on text like that I have a bucket / Noooo they be stealing my bucket

I Has A Bucket-Useless Websites 22
22. Useless I Has A Bucket Website




Sad For Japan – Website by RAFAEL ROZENDAAL in 2011 for SAD FOR JAPAN using flash animation with music.

Sad For Japan-Useless Websites 23
23. Sad For Japan Useless Website



Falling Falling – Factory hooter background music with flash based animation by RAFAEL ROZENDAAL 

Falling Falling-Useless Websites 24
24. Falling Falling Useless Website





Willthefuturebeaweso – Will the future be awesome? then answer is maybe. That why some one design this website. They are using Fontfabric font for design center text “Maybe”.

Willthefuturebeaweso-Useless Websites 25
25. Useless Will the future be awesome  Website




Corn Dog On Corn Dog – Black background website with one center image. Website Title corn dog on corn dog

Corn Dog On Corn Dog-Useless Websites 26
26. Corn Dog On Corn Dog Useless Website




Much Better Than This – Flash base animation in which couple kissing each other. Don’t expect much better than this

Much Better Than This-Useless Websites 27
27. Useless Much Better Than This  Website




Nulling The Void – I like this website for flash based animation and background music.

Nulling The Void-Useless Websites 28
28. Nulling The Void-Useless Website



Corgi Orgy – Like HTML based animation using the marquee tag But don’t like background music.

Corgi Orgy-Useless Websites 29
29. Corgi Orgy Useless Website




Koalas To The Max – Perfect use of Java script function. Koalas to the Max, a site made with love by Vadim Ogievetsky for Annie Albagli.

Koalas To The Max-Useless Websites 30
30. Koalas To The Max Useless Website



Ouais Mais Bon – Three men face images used with different mouse over face image effect along with funny background sound.


Ouais Mais Bon-Useless Websites 31
31. Ouais Mais Bon Useless Website




Nelson Haha – Men Clip art picture with Ha Ha text and Ha Ha background one sentence music.

Nelson Haha-Useless Websites 32
32. Nelson Ha ha Useless Website



Unicode Snowman For You – Center Snowman clipart image with white base background without any music and text. 


Unicode Snowman For You-Useless Websites 33
33. Unicode Snowman For You Useless Website



Tencents – Simple white based background image with center one dime coin picture without any background sound. The dime is a united states of America coin worth ten cents. 

Tencents-Useless Websites 34
Ten cents Useless Website Number 34



Leekspin – Black base background & flash animation with nice music in background. 

Leekspin-Useless Websites 35
35. Leek spin Useless Website




The End Of Reason – Wave pattern using flash animation without any text and music.

The End Of Reason-Useless Websites 36
36. The End Of Reason Useless Website


Pixels Fighting – Animation controls from Java script function. Two different color block converts into pixels fighting.

Pixels Fighting-Useless Websites 37
37. Pixels Fighting Useless Website




Oct82 – Nothing found here expert two small foot GIF animation without any music.


Oct82-Useless Websites 38
38. Oct 82 Useless Website




Semantic Responsive Illustration – 30 characters long domain name with transparent ball based image without any background music.

Semantic Responsive Illustration-Useless Websites 39
39. Semantic Responsive Illustration Useless Website


Electric Boogie Woogie –  website design by Rafael Rozendaal in 2010. A website using flash based animation on white background without any sound effect.

Electric Boogie Woogie-Useless Websites 40
40. Electric Boogie Woogie Useless Website


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